I18n Broken Key Finder

The I18n Broken Key Finder (I18nBKF) is a simple tool to help developers to externalise strings in their Java projects. Its aim is not to help during the externalisation itself, this can be done quite easy with the built-in eclipse tools, but to help searching for strings already included in the translation function and marked as translated which are in fact not translated due to the missing translation key. Thus it will show all used keys in the Java sources having no corresponding entry in the translation resource file. It works also the other way around and lists all keys in the translation resource file which are not used from the Java source.
To have a minimum of false positive values it also tries to resolve constant values as well as string concatenations. Of course it is not possible to also resolve translation keys composed out of non static variables. Using this will lead to key shown with a format error.


To install the plug-in please follow the steps below:

  1. Chose ‘Install New Software…’ from the ‘Help’ menu
  2. Click on ‘Add..’ to add the following update-site:
    Name: I18nBKF
    Location: https://frankmuenster.de/update-site
  3. Select I18n Broken Key Finder and follow the installation wizard
  4. Restart Eclipse to finalise the plug-in installation


Use the bug tracking system MantisBT to lookup implemented or planed changes as well to report new ideas or bugs. The interface is only available in German.

Already reported and maybe fixed issues can be show in the  Mantis-Database.
New bugs or proposals can be reported here.